Medieval Astrology and Everything You Need to Know



Astrology is still considered an intriguing subject. Little or no knowledge in this field of study, adds to the list of people who are the so called ‘non-believers’. Ask an ardent student of science about the existence of medieval astrology and you would hear a strict “NO”. But ask the same question to a person who has faith in it and you will get the most emphatic nod.


Indeed, medieval astrology is a huge concept and is growing in popularity over the years. Yet, to many, this applied science is like a mystery, much like those science fiction movies that create an awe for technology.


So if you are one of those who want to delve deep into astrology and understand it better, here is a brief, yet comprehensive guide to it.


What is a horoscope?


Horoscope is the most basic form of astrology; they are mostly daily, weekly or monthly predictions of individuals based on their birth date and zodiac sign.


Horoscope gives a comprehensive prediction on the personality, emotional relations, success probabilities, etc. for a certain span of time.


How are predictions made?


Astrology takes into account a lot of information about the individual to finally arrive at predictions. These include the date, day and time of birth. The information is further used to ascertain the Sun and Moon signs.


The Sun sign is quite easy to calculate for the astrologers and can be done with just the date of birth. However, the Moon sign is slightly difficult to calculate since the Moon moves from one house to the other very quickly. Hence, if it has moved from one place to the other mid-day, the time of birth would be needed to get complete results.


Astrology will never get shelved, simply because of the intrigue and unknowingness it lends. People are flocking to get solutions to their problems and has led to an emergence of tarot card readers. The only thing required is ‘belief’. If you too are a staunch believer in astrology and looking for a reputed astrologer in Ayr, get in touch with Lynne Carter Astrology to get solutions for problems which concern you the most.